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Thoughts about the Roles of Lawyers & Counsels in the E-commerce Transaction


同样一个法律问题,公司法务给出的答案可能和外部律师给出的答案截然不同。本周五晚将举办一次法律人的非正式会谈,美国亚马逊公司法务顾问袁媛, 中国公司法律师沈鸿,以及美国公司法律师应倩将一起探讨: 外部律师与内部顾问律师的角色定位、职能地图和工作维度;中国法律人与美国法律人在构建法律生态体系上的错位思考;律师在提供创新创业投资融资以及合规业务方面价值的思考。各位律师将结合自己在电子商务交易中的工作经验和案例进行深度分析,欢迎各位律师同行参与。

Speakers are corporate lawyer Mr. Shen (Hong Shen) , Ms.Ying (Sophie Ying) and Amazon in-house counsel Ms. Yuan (Michelle Yuan) .


1. The different roles, scopes and strategies between outside lawyers and in-house counsels;

2. The various thinking from Chinese lawyers and American lawyers about building a legal ecosystem;

3. The lawyers’ value in offering services of corporate finance and business compliance for start-ups.


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